Our Projects

Pre-K to 13th grade school

We operate a Kindergarten to 13th grade school, which is attended by about 750 children from the surrounding community and rural mountain villages.  Education is a valuable, yet often expensive and unattainable privilege for Haitian children.  Our school provides affordable Christian and secular education for many who be unable to go to school otherwise.  With so many students, some of the grades continue to meet in a crowded church and others are in patched-together lean-to’s.  We hope to add several more classrooms and hopefully a library and lab.  Your donations will help make this possible!

Wells and Clean Water Projects

Clean water for drinking, bathing, and cleaning is difficult to obtain for most Haitians.  Lack of clean water contributes to the spread of disease, including cholera and other water-borne illnesses.  The House of Hope Haiti has helped to address this problem by digging three deep tube wells in communites that have limited access to water.  With manual hand pumps, villagers are able to pump their own water for their families.  We have also worked on chlorination projects that allow people to disinfect large quantities of water.  In addition, we have implemented labs and curriculum in our secondary school to teach students how to chlorinate water.

Mountain Village School and Agriculture Projects

The land climbs steeply just behind our orphanages and schools, and nestled in these mountains are many small communities of subsistence farmers.  These communities are even poorer than most Haitian communities because of their remote location and because of their vulnerability to damage from hurricanes and high winds.  For many years, the House of Hope Haiti has been reaching out to these communities.  We built and operate a school in one of them and supplement teachers’ salaries in another.  We have also provided seeds, fruit trees, tools, chickens, goats, pigs, and water collection systems to help boost the economy of these little villages.  We hope to continue to help them develop sustainable ways to care for their families and schools.


The House of Hope Haiti is always mindful that working to meet physical needs alone is only part of our mission.  We believe that leading others to Christ and helping develop Christian character is just as important.  Through distributing Haitian Creole & French Bibles, Proclaimers (hand-cranked audio Bibles), and providing Christian education in our schools  we seek to teach God’s word and develop Christian values in our kids.