About Us

The House of Hope Haiti is a Christian ministry working in Haiti, about 41 miles north of Port au Prince. The ministry is dedicated to spreading the love of Jesus by providing food, shelter, clothing, and both Christian and secular education to the children of Haiti. We are a 501(c)3 public charity and 100% of your donations go to ministry in Haiti. U.S. administrative costs are paid out-of-pocket or are donated for that purpose.  Donate Now

Currently, the House of Hope cares for 70 orphaned or abandoned children, living in two children’s homes. We operate a K-12 grade school and contribute to the expenses of three more schools. In addition, we are working with our Haitian partners to develop ways for them to become self-sufficient economically, through vocational and agricultural projects.

Another way to support the House of Hope Haiti this Christmas season is to BUY A 2015 OUR KIDS CALENDAR. The calendars are full of pictures of Haitian kids–some who are in our mission and others from the communities that we reach. All proceeds from the calendars to to the mission work in Haiti.

You can find out all  the latest news and current needs in our quarterly newsletters.  Your prayers and financial support make all the difference!